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  • What Does the Energy Efficient Window Ratings Label Tell You?

    The BFRC Scheme is the UK’s national system for rating the energy efficiency of windows and is recognised within the Building Regulations as a method to show compliance for your replacement windows installation.

    Window Energy Ratings use a consumer-friendly traffic-light style A-E ratings guide similar to that used on ‘white’ goods (such as fridges, freezers, washing machines etc…). This ratings label can be used by you to make more informed choices about the energy efficiency of the windows you are looking to purchase.

    With carbon emissions high on the global agenda and the current high cost of fuel, we are all looking for ways to make our homes more energy efficient.

    Each window rated by the BFRC has a unique label

    This label will display the following information:

    1. The rating level – A, B, C, etc…
    2. The energy rating e.g. -3kWh/(m²·K) in this example the product will lose 3 kilowatt hours per square metre per year.
    3. The window U value e.g. 1.4W/(m²·K)
    4. The effective heat loss due to air penetration as L – e.g. 0.01 W/(m²·K)
    5. The solar heat gain e.g. g=0.43

    Simply put this will determine how well a product will perform the functions of:

    • Helping you contain and conserve heat within your building in the winter
    • Keep out the wind
    • Resist condensation
    • Contribute to improved sound insulation

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