Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Do all of your products meet the latest revisions of Document L 2010?
    Yes all of our products fully comply with the latest building regulations and revisions of Document L. As well as surpassing the latest building regulations our products are designed to meet future revisions ensuring that we are ahead of the regulations for many years to come.
  2. What’s the difference between PVC bi folding doors and aluminium bi folding doors?
  3. Apart from a better looking, smoother operating, and a more reliable door system, the more durable Aluminium frame is extremely secure, and is thermally broken giving high performance European weather ratings. UPVC folding doors are less secure, prone to failure such as jamming especially on larger doors and offer no weather ratings
  4. Are the doors difficult to maintain?
    No, the doors are basically maintenance free. The only maintenance is to keep the bottom track clear of any debris and every few months to lubricate the bottom rollers.
  5. Do you sub contract any of your work?
    No, all of our staff are employed by AA Aluminium Windows; this is why we can always assure you of a job well done. Our surveyors and installers are experts in their field and take great care throughout all of their works. It is this reason why we can offer unbeatable warranties, it also means we take full responsibility for all aspects of our works and you won’t ever be stuck in the middle of an argument between a sub-contractor and the manufacturer as is the case with many of our competitors.
  6. How long will my installation take?
    Generally all of our installations are complete within the day. If your project is particularly large or complex our installation department will advise how many days on site will be required for us to complete your installation.
  7. Will you rip out and take away my existing doors and windows if replacing them with your products?
    Yes, we are happy to take on all works including building works if required.
  8. Do you cover the whole of the UK?
    We service the whole of mainland UK. We are happy to undertake installations anywhere within England, Scotland or Wales.

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